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English Help Files

  • tPM End User License Agreement tPMv3 (PDF)

The Prime Machine HD How To Guides
  • The Prime Machine HD English Language Corpus Tool for Desktop and Mobile Devices ELT (PDF; DOCX)
  • tPM HD Guide I want to learn more about academic synonyms (PDF; DOCX)
  • tPM HD Guide I want to learn more about collocation (PDF; DOCX)
  • tPM HD Guide I want to use corpus examples for assignments or worksheets (PDF; DOCX)
  • tPM HD Guide I want to build my own corpus (PDF; DOCX)
  • tPM HD Guide I want to revise my thesis (PDF; DOCX)

Selected Bibliography
  • tPM Help Selected Bibliography (PDF)

Older Help Files
  • tPM HD Help 001 Getting Started (iOS, MacOS, Android & Windows 64 Bit - PDF)
  • tPM Help 001 Getting Started (PDF)
  • tPM Help 002 How to cite The Prime Machine (PDF)
  • tPM Help 003a Corpora available through The Prime Machine from offsite (PDF)
  • tPM Help 004 Main Results Tabs (PDF)
  • tPM Help 005 Multiple Searches (PDF)
  • tPM Help 006a Wordlists (PDF)
  • tPM Help 007 Clusters (PDF)
  • tPM Help 008 Key Words (PDF)
  • tPM Help 009 DIY Text Tools (PDF)
  • tPM Help 010 Corpus Text List and Concordance Line Information (PDF)
  • tPM Help 011 LL Calculator (PDF)

Copyright permission for screenshots

Do please state the version of The Prime Machine or The Prime Machine HD that was used, and please cite the book chapter or PhD thesis (see Help 002 above).
For non-commerical use and for academic publications, you are hereby granted permission to use tPM screenshots.  For other uses, please contact Dr. Jeaco.

Need more details?
If you need more information about any feature of The Prime Machine, or if you have other suggestions and feedback, please email stevejeaco AT
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