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Software Privacy Statement

The Prime Machine Website Privacy Statement

The website is not an interactive website and no personal data is collected.  There are no forms or means on this website for visitors to provide personal data.  The link for feedback takes you to another website with its own privacy statement.  You are advised to read the privacy policies of any websites you visit.

The Prime Machine Software Privacy Statement

This page provides the privacy statement for users of The Prime Machine concordancing software (a computer application which runs separately from this website).
Last updated 30 October 2018. The Prime Machine Version 3.0.14 onwards; The Prime Machine HD for Mac OS and Windows 64 Bit Version 1.0 onwards.

This privacy statement relates to The Prime Machine computer application (not the website where this statement is posted).  It also covers The Prime Machine HD (for Mac OSX and Windows 64 bit).

The URL redirects here.

1. Information Collection and Use
The Prime Machine software does not collect or store any personal data. When you search for a word or phrase, the request is passed to the server and the results are returned. The log data will include the name of the corpus (or corpora), but no details of the words or phrases will be stored in the server. Using the History Tab inside the application, you may choose to save a copy of your search requests on your computer, but these are not sent or stored by the Server. If you upload a word list (or a list of pairs of words), these are not stored by the server. The results are transmitted and then the data you have sent is discarded. You may choose to save a copy of the files on your computer, but these are not sent or stored by the Server.

2. Log Data
When you connect to The Prime Machine Server, information about the software version will be sent and different functions will be run on the server depending whether you are connecting inside the tPM Home Network or whether you are outside this network. The server logs information about the software version used, whether it is being accessed from inside or outside the tPM Home Network, the function name and the name of the corpus (or corpora). The date and time are included in the log. The log data is anonymous and no user information is included in these logs.
Currently, the tPM Home Network is Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, P.R. China. Users accessing The Prime Machine Server on-site (XJTLU computer labs, via XJTLU Wi-Fi) or when connected to XJTLU's VPN will be able to connect via the tPM Home Network. All other access is treated as not being on the tPM Home Network.
This log data is used to provide summary information for ongoing software and service development. The Prime Machine development is part of the academic research output of Dr. Stephen Jeaco, and summary information from the logs may be used in academic outputs such as academic conference papers, academic articles, book chapters, etc.

3. Security
The Prime Machine is a concordancer designed to provide you with examples of how words and phrases are used. The security of your search requests and search results is important to us, but you should remember that no method of electronic transmission is 100% secure. As with other internet traffic there is always the possibility that others may try to see what requests you are making or to intercept the corpus data which is being retrieved. We cannot guarantee absolute security.
When using the "DIY Text Tools" you should be aware that the word lists (and/or lists of pairs of words) will need to be transmitted to the Server if you use the software to obtain lists such as Key Words, Key Key Words, Wordlist Statistics, Average LL/MI Scores or Matching Clusters. You should consider the security of this transmission process, especially if the texts you are sending contain any personal information.
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